Safety Regulations to be observed by all members and visitors

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SWARMS Constitution
Reporting of Incidents


The following set of safety rules are published for the benefit and safety of all SWARMS members and for the safety of the public at large. All members are required to operate their model aircraft in accordance with these rules and Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 95-21.

1. Under No circumstance shall any person switch on a radio transmitter without first ensuring that the appropriate frequency in the Frequency Key Board is clear and they have inserted a Frequency Key in the Frequency key Board. On completion of their flight the Frequency Key is to be removed from the Frequency Key Board by the pilot after ensuring they have turned their transmitter off.

2. All modellers using SWARMS field shall be either financial members, guests of members and/or visitors and have current public liability insurance through club membership.

3. All visitors who fly at the SWARMS flying site shall enter their name and address and date in the visitors book.

4. No member shall fly or operate equipment which is faulty, in need of repair and/or not checked prior to flying.

5. All flying activities shall comply with CASR 101. And MAAA MOP14 General Rules and guidelines for operation of model aircraft.

6. All models are to be suitably restrained while starting and tuning. Preferably located in the restraints provided in the start-up area.

7. All modellers shall ensure that during start up and tuning of aircraft engine to full power for the purpose of checking performance prior to flight, it is recommended that excessive noise on the start-up line be kept to a minimum..

8. Effective silencers must be used on engines except where competition classes permit tuned pipes and/or the exclusion of mufflers. Those who fly noisy aircraft may be requested by the Committee and/or Safety Officer to land and rectify the problem before further flying the model.

9. All electric powered planes are to be treated the same as glow/petrol models and are to be suitably restrained while arming.

10. Electric models are not to be armed in the pits ie: the connecting of the battery to the speed controller. The model is to be taken to the designated start up area restrained and only then can the model be armed ready for flight

11. Aircraft shall not be taxied in the pits and shall not take-off from the taxiways.

12. During landing and on take-off flying towards and over the pits shall be avoided at all times. Pilots whilst flying shall stand in the designated pilot flying area.

13. Pilots shall call intentions for take-off, dead stick landing, touch and go and landing. At all times the pilot shall not proceed with the manoeuvre without first receiving a definite acknowledgement from all the other pilots except in the instance of a dead stick landing.

14. A powered aircraft dead stick and/or glider shall have right of way at all times.

15.Children are not permitted in the flying area unless under the direct supervision of an adult.

16. No member shall remain tuning and/or starting an engine on the runway. If there is a problem the aircraft shall be moved to the start up area for re-adjustment.

17. The location of the pilot flight line flying position should be close to the take off point for an into wind take off. If the wind changes the pilot flying position should be relocated to suit the new wind direction.

18. No member shall consume alcohol prior to or whilst flying.

19. Every member shall be responsible for ensuring that they and any visitor/s in their charge are aware of the Club flying and safety rules.

20. Models over 7.0kg in all up weight must have permits to fly. Enquire about permits from your Committee Members.

21. Instructions given by the Safety Officer of the day shall be adhered to.

22. Smoking shall only be permitted within the confines of the car-park.

23. Trainee pilots will be covered by an Instructor's insurance for TWO flying dates only. After those TWO flying dates it is expected that the trainee shall have obtained adequate insurance in accordance with the MAAA insurance policy. Instruction is provided under the strict understanding that "All care is taken however owners will be deemed to be responsible for all eventualities including damage to their models.

24. For any test flights of new models the pilot shall be given the opportunity to fly their model without other models in the air. Free airspace should also be given for first solo pilots.

25. No member shall use other peoples equipment without the prior approval of the owner.

26. Mobile phones are not permitted in the pit area, start up area or flight line. All mobiles are to be left in the car or clubrooms.

27. The last person leaving the field shall secure the field facilities, lock pit store room, lock clubrooms, lock toilets, ensure car-park access gate is closed and lock the main gate.

28. All members shall comply with the conditions of the Lease Agreement.

29. Any amendments to these rules should be proposed by a notice of motion and voted on by the members as per the Club Constitution.

It is in your interest to observe these rules.... Above use COMMONSENSE and FLY SAFELY and enjoy your chosen hobby.