All Glow-plugs ain’t the same!

Submitted: Monday, February 16, 2004

All you need to know about glow plug selection

The following information was taken from the OS engine website

* A3 - Running-in, Engines smaller than .32 capacityEngine types: 25SF, 25FX, 10-40LA
* A8 - Engine types: Most O.S. engines from .32 to .60 size
* A5 - Larger than .60 capacity enginesEngine ypes: 61/91FX, 65LA, 140RX, 160FX, BX-1, and BGX-1
* R5 - For R/C racing Cars
* Type F - Engine types: All Four-stroke engines
* Type RE - Engine types: Rotary Engine 49-PI

The ‘Hot’ plugs are designed for engines that run ‘Cool’ and the ‘Cold’ plugs are designed for big and/or high revving engines that run ‘Hot’. Plug life can be lengthened if the following steps are taken;
* Fit a plug suitable for the engine.
* Do not run the engine lean, or leave the plug connected while adjusting the needle-valve.
* Use a fuel containing as low nitro as possible.

Fit a new plug when;
* Filament coil has became distorted or corroded.
* Filament surface has roughened white.
* Foreign matter had adhered to filament or plug body has corroded.
* Engine tends to cut out when idling.
* Starting qualities deteriorate.